Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Football and Concussions

Earlier this week University of Texas running back Tre Newton announced he was
quitting football due to previous concussions and the doctors recommendation. His dad, a former NFL player who won Super Bowls with the Cowboys, supported his son's decision.

While Tre's teammates were mostly supportive, they didn't all sound like they would quit football if they were in the same situation.
"I always go 100 miles per hour and will worry about all that health stuff 10 years from now when I'm done playing" said defensive back Blake Gideon. Perhaps he'd change his mind if he experienced a concussion and couldn't even remember the hit (Tre Newton's experience).

Michael Wilbon of ESPN's PTI fame often states that he'll never let his son play football, even if his son is as big as a tank, for fear of concussions.

Michelle and I agree about our kid. I told someone that yesterday and they were surprised. I simply stated that Strahm's are not built for football or soccer (bad knees plus we like to use more than half our body when exercising).

To me, it's as much a safety issue as not wearing a seat belt in a car or giving a 12 year old a driver's license. Too risky. How many former football players can barely walk and have brain damage? A lot.

Will you let your kid play football someday?


Adam and Becca said...

The idea of our boys playing football does scare me. But concussions can happen in many sports (yes, probably much more likely in football). I'm just going to pray that they don't want to play those dangerous ones or the ones that make them wear questionable (aka - uncomfortable to look at) uniforms (wrestling and swimming). :) Psycho dedication to a sport to the point of permanant damage to one's body/brain is totally not worth it. (This is Becca, by the way....Adam may have slightly different thoughts, although we have talked about this matter in the past).

Anonymous said...

I am glad I don't have to worry about my grandson getting hurt playing football or soccer. Now just have to worry about the knee going out in basketball or getting hit in the head by a baseball. :)
Phil's Mom