Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Should Michael Vick Be Allowed to Have a Dog?

About 2 weeks ago it was widely reported that Michael Vick wanted a pet dog as part of his rehabilitation. For those who don't know, Michael Vick, NFL quarterback served his appointed time in prison for dog fighting charges that resulted in the death (he provided the land for the fighting, willingly knew of colleagues killing dogs that didn't perform well, and admitted to helping kill at least 6-8 dogs through hanging or drowning) of many dogs.

Much has been made of his rehabilitation process and his mentoring by Tony Dungy.

My initial reaction is that he should never be allowed to have a dog. Ever. Ever.

He's served his time. He deserves forgiveness. He has his second chance and is now part of society and making a more than comfortable living. However, there are certain things that just shouldn't happen.

You don't give a sex offender who molested children and served their time in prison an ability to adopt a child. You don't give someone who murdered or attempted to murder someone and served their time in prison an ability to have a handgun. Forgiveness yes. An ability to be tempted to perform a similar crime? No. Those who launder money don't get jobs as accountants or CFO's for a reason.

Perhaps if Michael Vick really wants to help he should speak for free at fundraisers for animal shelters, donate his salary, and buy all the Michael Vick Dog Chew Toys that supposedly raise money and awareness against animal abuse.

Am I wrong? Should Vick be allowed to get a dog? Will you allow the nearest sex offender in your neighborhood to start a babysitting business? If I had a gambling addiction should I move to Vegas?

This can't be about his rehabiliation. It's about how he needs to help dogs.
The Vick Dog Chew Toy
Curious what happened to the dogs that survived Vick? Here's the book chronicling their rescue and redemption into loving homes (at least one is even a therapy dog now).

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