Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Your Favorite Sayings Say About You

All of us have things we repeatedly say in certain situations.  Like it or not, they reflect part of who we are.  Are the one-liners you usually speak optimistic, negative, inspiring, frustrating, motivating, or debilitating?  Or maybe they're just funny.

Here are some of my favorite sayings that I personally use:
1. "Whatever sinks your submarine" (altered and self-created from whatever floats your boat).  I use this sometimes when people are trying to make a decision between 2 good things.  Either way is a win.

2. "You don't have to.  You get to."  People like to complain about what they "have" to do in life.  Life is full of choices.  When you look at life as obligations instead of opportunities then you already have a negative mindset.  You get to work. You get to vote. You get to make choices!

3.  "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone."  This is from Andy Stanley.  People often get paralyzed in their inability to solve all the world's problems.  Can't solve world hunger? Can't help every couple struggling in marriage? Can't mentor every troubled teen? That's fine - just do as much as you can.  Donate your time or money to help the hungry.  Reach out to one family.  Mentor 1 or 2 teens.

4.  "Get your weight up." or "Man Up" or "Put Your Name on It" - All used as a pep talk when someone is tired or settling for less than their best.  Get your weight up is inspired by this song from a mission trip.

And then there are the famous quotes from sports:
(Allen Iverson's "We talking about practice?", Jim Mora's "playoffs?", Randy Moss' "Straight Cash Homie" (Dave Ramsey approved), and Herman Edwards "Hello - you play to win the game").

Am I happy with what my favorite sayings say about me?  I think I am for the most part.  What are your favorite sayings?  Do they portray the type of person you want to show to others?  Choose your words wisely.

In James 3:1-12 we are reminded the power of our words direct us like a ship being controlled by a small rudder. Like it or not, what we say has a HUGE impact on others for better or for worse.

This post is a part of my 2013 Lent back to blogging decision.  To see my other posts click here

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