Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When Your Beliefs Are Persecuted in Culture - Tim Tebow

It's easy for people to say they're a Christian (even when some can't correctly define what that means).  It's easy for people to say they believe in the God of the Bible.

But, in America, it's not so easy to actually say that you believe and live out what the Bible says for your life. Sure, the "love others" passages go over well.  But, generally speaking, the passages that say you can't do this or that are when people start drawing lines in the sand.  They take it as you being intolerant of what they want to do (though, ironically, they are being intolerant of your beliefs).

If you accept Christ as Savior, then you have to accept obeying God and trusting in his directions for your best life possible. If you don't accept Christ, then we as Christians should not expect you to obey God and live up to his standards.  But, if you say you're a Christians, then you need to not be ashamed to say it and say you agree with Biblical standards that are clearly stated in the Bible.

I know Christians need to focus on introducing others to Christ first and helping them understand how they are separated from God and what Jesus did so we could have a real relationship with Him.  But, we also shouldn't back down from what we believe.

Below are 2 excellent articles on one of the obvious big issues Christians get persecuted for in America.  And I know persecuted in America is really just people talking bad about you.  It's nothing like the real persecution in other areas of the world where you can be outcast from your family, go to jail, or be killed for professing in Christ.

These two articles are in regards to homosexuality.  Chick-Fil-A, Louie Giglio's inauguration prayer, and now Tim Tebow have all been thrown under the bus for simply believing what the Bible says about homosexuality being a sin.  2 of the 3 above have tried to shy away from the controversy, and perhaps rightly so, because it is important for Christians to be known more for what we are for than what we are against.  But, perhaps in shying away we have failed to take a stand that everyone knows exists.

Read these 2 articles.  Worth your 5 minutes.  Trust me on this one.
What Someone Needs To Say - When will a "famous Christian" not shy away. And what should be said by them.

We'll all have this spotlight shined on us by someone.  Do you know what you'll say? Or will you shy away?

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