Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why I'm a Bad Youth Pastor

(This, for the most part, will not be a serious post.  Prepare accordingly).

According to stereotypes, the following make me a bad youth pastor.  Or at the very least, a youth pastor who doesn't fit the stereotype.

1. I don't keep facial hair.
2. I don't own an XBox360 or a PS3.
3. I've never played Halo...or Call of Duty.  I'm sure Mario is way more intense.
4.  I'm not out of shape.  In fact, I exercise outside of youth group games.
5.  I use Logos Bible Software and not just say I have it.
6.  Starbucks? That is for girly men.
7.  I don't drink coffee....or pop.  Maybe this, along with my high metabolism and exercising, is why I'm not overweight.
8.  I graduated from college. With Honors.
9.  I don't own a minivan (yet).
10. I have never lost a kid on a trip.  Except that one kid...what was his name?
11. I don't own anything Apple.  I think it's evil.  Their logo reminds me of the fall of Adam and Eve.
12. I've never gone over budget for a year.
13. I don't try to dress "hip." No tight jeans. No toms shoes.
14. I care just as much about the children's ministry as the youth ministry.
15. I still have my first youth pastor position  Almost 7 years in 1 place.
16. I'm in a small group with other adults.
17. I pay attention to teens when they head off to college.
18. I prefer creating lessons from studying the Bible instead of modifying curriculum.
19. When well meaning adults say "you're ready to be a real pastor," I tell them "Thanks - but teens need "real pastors" more than overchurched adults."  Ok, maybe I haven't used the word "overchurched."
20. I believe well planned all church events are usually more important than most youth events.  Intergenerational ministry matters.

All joking aside - I do have things I can improve on to be a better pastor.  And I'm working on that and may post on it in the future.

This post is a part of my 2013 Lent back to blogging decision.  To see my other posts click here

I'm not saying this meme below is entirely accurate.  But, thought it was fun anyways.

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