Monday, August 12, 2013

Changing Youth Ministry Accountability

Ok - that's a big title.  Maybe "tweaking" is a better term.

Common Youth Group Scenario:
We're so excited everyone is ready to (read this devo, study this book, read through the Bible together, use a 1 minute daily Bible).  Then, a few weeks go by, with the only accountability being while everyone is together.  Most are behind.  Most feel overwhelmed to catch up or guilty (or at worst, don't care).  As a result, no real growth occurs.

We've been wrestling with theses issues:
-How to help students develop spiritually through the rest of the week (besides Sundays and Wednesdays)
-Strengthen accountability so you don't feel alone in the process.
-Be more prepared to make their faith visible each day to those who don't have faith.

So, we're trying  Why?

1.  Mobile. It can be done on your phone (via Faithlife Study Bible app) or online.  When it is with you it is easier to do then if it is a hard copy that you left at home, lost at school, left in a friend's car, etc.
2. Allows dialogue that provides some accountability.
3. Gets everyone into the Bible.
4. Like it or not, we live in an ADHD and twitter world.  Short attention spans.  We can only fight that so much.  So, the more we can provide a small passage, a short statement, and one question to dialogue the more each teen can engage in thought on their terms, during their day, so it sticks with them in their current context.

Praying it makes an impact.

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